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ROSS'S rules

This ensures the Safari stays a doggy pawradise. By using the Safari, you agree to abide by them & our terms and conditions.

  • Structures & enrichment are for dogs only, please no adults or children using or climbing. 

  • Dogs to be vaccinated & licensed.​

  • Dogs to be supervised by pawrents always.

  • Dogs must be at least 3 months old.

  • Dogs to wear a collar with ID tags always.

  • Unsocialised dogs must be muzzled.

  • Aggressive dogs aren't allowed.

  • Female dogs in heat aren't allowed.

  • Pawrents to clean up after their dogs & dispose of waste in the 💩 bins.

  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs or littering.

  • Children under 12 to be supervised always.

  • Pawrents should be aware of their dog's behaviour & remove them from the Safari if they're becoming aggressive or overly dominant.

  • Complimentary parking is for one vehicle, for additional car access please contact 01442 816 200

  • Under forty eight (48) hours before the session time no refund will be given

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Rules For Kids

By following these rules, children can learn to respectfully interact with dogs while enjoying the experience of our Safari. Children shouldn't:

  • Ride, climb, or play on any equipment in the Safari.

  • Approach or touch unfamiliar dogs without the pawrents permission.

  • Run, scream, or make sudden movements that may startle or excite the dogs.

  • Bring food into the Safari, this can cause dogs to become aggressive.

  • Pick up or hug dogs without the pawrents permission.

  • Chase, hit, or pull the tail or ears of dogs.

  • Tease or taunt dogs in any way.

  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

*We have the prerogative to refuse entry or membership as needed to maintain a safe & fun experience for everyone. We also have discretion to 'vet' dogs and require them to pass a social test.

By clicking next,

I agree to follow the rules

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