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ROSS'S rules

This ensures the Safari stays a doggy pawradise. By using the Safari, you agree to abide by them & our terms and conditions.

  • Website bookings are for personal use only and for up to 3 dogs. If you are a professional walker or have more than 3 dogs, please contact us.

  • Dogs must be on leash in the carpark.

  • Structures & enrichment are for dogs only, please no adults or children using or climbing. 

  • Dogs to be vaccinated & microchipped

  • Dogs to be supervised by pawrents always.

  • Dogs must be at least 3 months old.

  • Dogs to wear a collar with ID tags always.

  • Unsocialised dogs must be muzzled.

  • Aggressive dogs aren't allowed.

  • Female dogs in heat aren't allowed.

  • American Bullies & related mixed breeds are only permitted in the Private Field, Private Sniffari, Private Crate Escape or when the entire Safari is booked for a private session.

  • American Bullies & related mixed breeds must be muzzled throughout the Safari & Estate until they reach the designated private areas.

  • Pawrents to clean up after their dogs & dispose of waste in the 💩 bins.

  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs or littering.

  • Food - Food is only allowed in private spaces, it is not allowed in the main Safari. This is to avoid creating issues between dogs in a shared space.

  • Beverages - only non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in both private spaces and the main Safari. This is to keep Ross & Friends a safe, family environment.

  • Children under 12 to be supervised always.

  • Pawrents should be aware of their dog's behaviour & remove them from the Safari if they're becoming aggressive or overly dominant.

  • Under forty eight (48) hours before the session time no refund will be given

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Rules For Kids

By following these rules, children can learn to respectfully interact with dogs while enjoying the experience of our Safari. Children shouldn't:

  • Ride, climb, or play on any equipment in the Safari.

  • Approach or touch unfamiliar dogs without the pawrents permission.

  • Run, scream, or make sudden movements that may startle or excite the dogs.

  • Bring food into the Safari, this can cause dogs to become aggressive.

  • Pick up or hug dogs without the pawrents permission.

  • Chase, hit, or pull the tail or ears of dogs.

  • Tease or taunt dogs in any way.

  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

*We have the prerogative to refuse entry or membership as needed to maintain a safe & fun experience for everyone. We also have discretion to 'vet' dogs & require them to pass a social test, and may ask for additional information or references from a 3rd party.

We’ve also made every effort to make the Safari & surrounding area safe. Please dress appropriately with the right footwear & be careful of the natural landscape which can be uneven with varying terrain.


The Safari is used at your own risk, we don’t take responsibility for any incidents within the Safari or Estate. We strongly suggest you have proper insurance in place before visiting.

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