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   Christmas Event: Doggy Winter Wonderland! 16 - 17 Dec 2023 • 23 - 24 Dec 2023  Learn More   

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Doggy Pond  Sandpit • Enrichments • People Lounge Area

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Join The Celebration Automatically by Booking a Session on 16, 17, 23, 24 Dec

A fully enclosed 2+ acre private forest getaway. With its own doggy dipping pond,  sandpit, enrichments, custom agility equipment & pawrent lounge area - it's ideal for regular exercise sessions or for pup socials with friends, or longer stays using it as a base to explore all the doggy activities & pup friendly pubs in the area.

(For +3 dogs per session or professional use, please fill out this form)


For members on weekday bookings.

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Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Buy 5 Get 3 Free.

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why visit?

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Private Pond


Forest Experience for Both Pups & People


Human Hangout Area & Seating


Fully Fenced

2M high stock fence


Added Enrichments & Agility



Located on a private gated country estate

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Designated Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty

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Picnics Allowed

Bring food & non-alcoholic drinks (Strictly no alcohol)


Extra Security Latch

The space is protected by an external coded lock, in addition there is an internal latch lock for your peace of mind during your session.


Access to The Main Safari

Within your 50mins session (unless it's privately hired)

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About Me
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Perfect for Play & Fun 


Perfect for Sensory Exploration & Training

Private Forest with Agility & Dipping Pond


Private Forest with Agility

Adventure Ground for Short or Longer Stays

(half day or overnight)


Adventure Grounds for 50min Sessions

Both Dog & Human Focused Experience


Dog Focused Experience

Flexibility to host larger events, parties & gatherings


Flexibility to host events, parties & gatherings

Drove an hour to visit and it was sooo worth it!!! Our dog loved every minute  and was knackered afterwards 


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First time to the crate escape for Poppy and Lola. The whole area is fenced in, including the car park with a little cafe. The dogs had an amazing time exploring the agility equipment, pond and sandpit while the adults relaxed knowing the dogs were safe. Such a fantastic idea and we will definitely be back!​


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Upon arrival, we walked into a calm and relaxed environment! For peace of mind the gate is lockable from the inside. There is an abundance of lovely hand crafted equipment and features to keep your best friend entertained! As Ernie likes to dig and get his paws wet, he was made to feel most welcome with the addition of a sublime sandpit and dog pond!


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  • What is the Package Offer?
    A limited-time promotion where you can either choose the Private Field, Private Sniffari, Private Escape Crate or Pay-As-You-Go 1hr experiences, you buy 2 and get 1 free sessions or 5 and get 3 free sessions.
  • How will I receive the free session?
    Once you purchase the package, you will receive three or eight unique codes. Each code represents one session. These codes can be redeemed at the checkout when booking your sessions. Once a code is redeemed, it will become invalid.
  • When is the offer valid until?
    It's valid until March 31, 2024.
  • Can I book sessions for dates after March 2024?
    Yes, you can book sessions for dates after March 2024, as long as the booking is made before the end of March 2024.
  • Can I get a refund for the sessions or reschedule them?
    Unfortunately, no refunds or rescheduling will be allowed for sessions purchased under this offer.
  • How do I check if my app is up-to-date?
    Follow these steps: For iPhone users: Go to the Apple App Store. For Android users: Go to Google Play. Search 'Ross & Friends' in the app store. If an "Update" button is visible next to the app, it means there is a newer version available.
  • How to key in the gate code?
    Upon your arrival, proceed to the intercom. Press the pound (#) key, and then enter the gate code you received through email and SMS.
  • Can I set my apps to update automatically?
    Yes, both iOS (iPhone) and Android devices allow you to enable automatic app updates. To do this: On iPhone: Go to Settings > App Store > App Updates, and toggle on "Automatic Updates." On Android: Open Google Play Store, tap on the three-line menu icon in the top-left corner, go to Settings > Auto-update apps, and choose the desired option.
  • Why does the app show the message "technical problem"?
    It could be due to a few possible reasons. 1. Ensure your app is up-to-date: Check you have the latest version of the app installed. If not, visit your app store (e.g., Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and update the app to the latest version. 2. Verify your device compatibility: Make sure you are using a supported device. The app is compatible with the following operating systems: iPhone: iOS 11 and above Android: 6.0 and above 3. Log out and log back in: Try logging out of your profile and then logging back in. (If the issue isn't resolved) Restart your mobile device. 4. Uninstall and re-download the app: Try completely uninstalling and then downloading your app again. If you've followed these steps and the "Technical Problem" message still appears, please reach out to our support team for further assistance!
  • Haven't received the gate code via email and SMS?
    SMS and Email will be sent 30 minutes prior to the session. Make sure to provide the correct email address during the booking process. Double-check your email inbox, junk and spam folder. Make sure to provide the correct phone number during the booking process. The gate code has been sent via SMS. It's possible there may have been a typo or mistake when entering your email address or phone number during the booking process. Review your booking details to ensure the information is accurate.
  • Are there dog toys available?
    We have a few dog essentials available to purchase from the Safari 'General Store' (located by the Safari driveway) - balls, throwers and 💩 bags. These are available during peak hours.
  • Can other animals enter the Safari?
    This is a natural forest field fenced in by us. However, if you live in the countryside you know creatures (deer, muntjacs etc) like to hop fences sometimes. We don't let in animals but there may be the occasional wildlife sighting. This normally happens when no one is around and if wildlife spot you they will run away immediately.​
  • How deep is the pond?
    The pond is approximately 1 meter deep.
  • Can I bring food into the private spaces?
    We currently allow outside food & non-alcoholic beverages to be brought into the private spaces. We have a 'no trace' policy meaning we require you to clean up leaving the space as you found it. Please note alcohol is strictly not allowed.
  • Can I bring food into the main safari area?
    No, food is not allowed in the main Safari to avoid creating issues between dogs (you're free to bring your non-alcoholic beverages in).
  • What activities are there?
    Our Safari is mapped out here with different themes for each section. We have agility structures in Adventure Land, The Treasure Trails has tunnels and hidden treats and toys to be discovered, The Peaceful Pond is our natural pond to be enjoyed, and we have other fun enrichments to be discovered such as boomer balls and bungee cords.
  • Is there a pond in the Safari?
    Yes! We have a natural pond where your pups can swim and cool off on hot days.
  • Can dogs in heat visit the Safari?
    Dogs in heat are not allowed in the main Safari, however we do allow them in the private field and private Sniffari though owners must take full responsibility of their dogs.
  • Are commercial dog walkers allowed?
    Our website bookings are only for personal dog walkers. If you are a commercial walker who would like to use the Safari, please contact the office to discuss.
  • Can we rent the entire Safari for private use?
    We offer private hire on a case by case basis, and it’s usually for corporate events or training. Prices depend on peak/off peak times. Contact us at if you're interested.
  • What is the height of the fence?
    The fence ranges between 4.5ft and 6.5ft (2 meters) depending on the boundary line. We're actively working to increase the fence height to all be 6.5ft.
  • Are there any seating areas in the Safari?
    Yes, we have seating near the pond, and we're planning on adding more.
  • Will there be other dogs present during our session?
    The main 30 acres area is a shared space, so other people will be able to book the same time as you. We do offer private hire of a separate 3 acre field and a 2 acre Sniffari within the Safari, and on a case-by-case basis exclusive hire of the whole Safari.
  • Is the pond fenced off from the rest of the Safari?
    No it’s not as we’re attempting to keep the Safari as natural as possible to retain its beauty and natural enrichments. However, we are creating routes and paths within the Safari which will indicate where you should walk to avoid the pond if that’s what you prefer!
  • Can I walk in on the same day?
    Yes you can! You will need to book on the website, and a gate access code will be sent to you 1 hour prior to your visit.
  • How many dogs can visit the Safari per booking?
    A single booking can accommodate up to 3 dogs. If you have 4 or more dogs, please contact us to discuss.
  • Is the pond tested or treated?
    This is a completely natural pond, not created by us. Ross is happy to jump in and drink, but it would be at your discretion if you're comfortable with your fur babe doing that!
  • Are there water stations?
    Yes! We have a doggy bar & shower by the car park and we're working on putting watering stations throughout the Safari.
  • Is there a gate system to keep our furry friends from running out?
    Yes! Our carpark is fenced in from the main Safari and dogs are to be on the leash in the car park.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    Yes you can! However, once the plan is purchased for that month it's non-refundable.
  • Does the monthly plan automatically renew?
    It does! It's also super easy to cancel whenever you want, just get in touch with the Estate Office at or cancel it yourself on the website using your personal dashboard.
  • Which private spaces are eligible for the discount code?
    All weekday bookings for the Private Field, Private Sniffari, and Private Crate Escape.
  • How long would it take to receive the email for the discount code?
    The email will be sent within 24 hours. If you want to make a booking right away, please go ahead and we will refund the different.
  • What is a ⭒Golden Guest Pass⭒?
    Each member can bring a guest 1 weekday and 1 weekend day a month to join them in the main Safari! This includes an additional parking and up to 3 personal dogs.
  • Can I share the discount code with family and friends?
    No, this can’t be shared or transferred. You must be present during the booking, otherwise, it violates the terms and conditions of your membership.
  • Can I use the 15% discount code for multiple bookings?
    Yes! There is no limit to the number of times you can use it.
  • Can a guest use the pass without being accompanied by a member?
    No, a Golden Pass can only be used alongside a members booking.
  • What is the validity period of the discount code?
    It aligns with your membership billing cycle. As long as your membership remains active, you can consistently enjoy this discount.
  • How do I get a ⭒Golden Guest Pass⭒?
    It’s automatically included when you sign up for a Membership.
  • Can I use the discount code after cancelling my membership plan?
    No, the discount code is applicable only to active members. Once your membership is cancelled, the discount code cannot be used.
  • How do I access the 15% discount on private space bookings?
    You’re eligible if you’re a member. On signing up, a unique discount code will be sent to your registered email address. To redeem the discount, enter it at checkout when you are booking a private space on a weekday.
  • How do I book a pass?
    1. Go to the member's booking page 2. Click the link under the Guest Pass 3. Fill up the form details & submit 4. You'll receive an email to confirm 5. A booking confirmation email will be sent within 24hr
  • When do I have to book the pass?
    All passes must be booked at least 24 hours before the member's booking time.
  • How high are the fences?
    All the fences are 2 meters high.
  • Are dogs in their season allowed?
    Pups in their season are allowed in our private areas, however we require you to take full responsibility for your dog during the entirety of your visit.
  • Are there any enrichments?
    There are! We've added some boomer balls and bungee cords, and are adding tires and hay bales soon. Please keep in mind this is a private field, not a mini Safari, most suitable for dogs with no recall, reactive dogs, or for training sessions. If you are wanting the full 'Safari Experience' please book the main Safari.
  • What are the benefits of a Sniffari/scent walk?
    Allowing your dog to direct this activity gives them a feeling of autonomy. Everyone including dogs, benefits from being free to make choices about what they do. Life becomes less stressful! When we think about our dog’s daily exercise, we often just think of it as being a physical thing – but when you’ve got a dog’s nose, it is very much more. Experts have said just 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour's walk in terms of enrichment for your dog. Understanding how fundamental scent is to your pup will bring a whole new dimension to our dog’s walks. You get to relax as you explore the world together! Our Sniffari is located in a private and peaceful woodland with towering trees. You’ll get to experience it with your dog rather than just exercising your dog. Sniffing really engages your dog’s brain, which can help take the edge off their energy levels. By showing your dog that you’re willing to stop and ‘smell the roses’, you may find that your dog is actually more engaged with you than if you were simply rambling around the neighborhood. It’s also an amazing time to level up your training games - hide and seek in the woods, circling around trees, or recall/stay while yummy distracting scents wharf around.
  • How high are the fences?
    All the fences are 2 meters high.
  • What happens at the Sniffari?
    Rather than walking in a straight line from point to point, a Sniffari is more meandering. Dogs are allowed to explore the environment with their noses, sniffing out scents and following their instincts. Even though a sniffing session is slower than the average dog walk, it's about quality, not quantity. Dogs sniffing is amazing mental stimulation and it increases their respiration rate, so it's a tiring activity. You may stop and start quite a bit, but that’s because your dog is filling their imagination with scents of the world. Scent is incredibly important to dogs – as much, if not more so, as sight and sound – and it tells them far more about their environment than we can ever begin to imagine. When they sniff the grass or a tree, it’s like reading (we)e-mails. They can tell who has been there and when, if they know them, whether they were male or female, entire or neutered, how old, what mood they were in… all from a single sniff.
  • What is a Sniffari?
    A 'sniffari' (sniffing safari) is a scent walk where your pup's nose takes the lead! This way of walking mentally stimulates and enriches your dog as your dog “sees” the world through their nose. Using their sense of smell is incredibly enriching as they're using a lot of brainpower to sniff through all the information they find, which makes this activity a great option for mental exercise. These adventures in smelling leave dogs more content (and possibly even more tired) than after a walk when they are moving but don’t have the opportunity to take it all in through their nose. Our Sniffari is a private fenced and gated area of 2+ acres that allows your dog to use their sense of smell to explore and interact with their surroundings. Normally on a scent walk you’d need to keep your pup on a long leash, but as it’s a private session your dog can be off lead to explore.
  • Who is it for?
    For owners who want to take their relationship with their dog to the next level as slow sniffy walks are a great time to connect with your dog as it’s a chance to look at the world from your dog’s point of view. Because we don’t smell our way through the world, we’re often missing an entire way to interact and stimulate our pups. If your dog is bored and you're looking for new and fun ways to burn off some of their excess energy. Your dog will enjoy the freedom of getting to explore at their own pace and sniff all the wonderful smells they encounter. The Sniffari is also a great opportunity for training around distractions.
  • What about bad weather?
    When it’s raining, the forest is actually a great option as the trees provide some cover. When there are winds above 40mph we close our forests to create the safest experience possible. If you’ve booked during this time, we will contact you to make alternate arrangements.
  • Are dogs in their season allowed?
    Pups in their season are allowed in our private areas, however we require you to take full responsibility for your dog during the entirety of your visit.
  • What about bad weather?
    When it’s raining, the forest is actually a great option as the trees provide some cover. When there are winds above 40mph we close our forests to create the safest experience possible. If you’ve booked during this time, we will contact you to make alternate arrangements.
  • What happens at The Crate Escape?
    Dogs can play freely, explore and swim while pawrents interact with their dog and also kick back and relax in the lounge area.
  • Who is it for?
    It's ideal for a normal 50min exercise session, for pup socials with friends, or longer stays using it as a base to explore all the doggy activities & pup friendly pubs in the local area.
  • How do I enter The Crate Escape?
    The Crate Escape is secured by a digital lock that requires an up-to-date code. If you have booked, an entrance code will be texted and emailed to you 30min before your sessions. Please note, if you did not provide an accurate email or mobile number, you won’t receive the code.
  • What is The Crate Escape?
    A 2+ acre Private Forrest retreat, fully fenced & filled with adventure for your dog. A private doggy dipping pond, sandpit, enrichments, custom agility equipment & a lounging area for pawrents…it’s one of a kind experience!
  • What are the enrichments?
    Custom built tower, A frame, jumping beams, a pond & more.
  • Can I bring food and drinks to the Dog Safari?
    We don't allow food into the main Safari to avoid any overexcitement for the dogs but you can bring food & drinks if you've hired a private space.
  • How can I place a pre-order at the tuck shop?
    You can place a pre-order on either Ross & Friends website or our app.
  • What do you sell?
    Bean to cup coffee, cold drinks, snacks, basic essentials, & a dog menu that includes chews, snacks, & puppuccinos.
  • Is it possible to pre-order from the tuck shop?
    Yes, it's available on Ross & Friends website and our app.
  • What payment method does the tuck shop accept?
    Card payments only.
  • Where is the tuck shop located?
    It's just before the entrance to the main Safari.
  • Are there special treats for dogs available at the tuck shop?
    Yes! We have puppuccinos plus a range of Ross's Chew-Barkas which are all natural, none stink & long lasting dog chews.
  • What time does the tuck shop open?
    Weekdays 10.00am-12.00pm, 3.30-5.30pm Weekends: 8.00am-5:30pm
  • What is Ross's General Store?
    Our version of a tuck shop!
  • What is the validity period of the E-Gift Card?
    12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Can I transfer the Dog Safari eGift Card to someone else?
    Yes, the E-Gift Card can be transferred to someone else before it is redeemed. If you have received the E-Gift Card but wish to gift it to another person, you can share the unique code with them. However, once the E-Gift Card has been redeemed, it becomes non-transferable.
  • Can I use the code for different types of private spaces?
    No, the unique codes can only be used depending on the package purchased.
  • How can I purchase an E-Gift Card?
    You can purchase here on our website.
  • Is the E-Gift Card a one-time use card?
    Yes, the E-Gift Card is designed for single use. Once the recipient redeems the card the E-Gift Card code becomes inactive and can't be used again.
  • Are E-Gift Cards refundable or returnable?
    E-Gift Card are not refundable or returnable.
  • Are purchases made using the E-Gift Card refundable or returnable?
    All purchases made using the E-Gift Card are not refundable or returnable.
  • What services can the Dog Safari eGift Card be used for?
    Currently it can be used for one session in the Main Safari PAYG 1 Hour service.
  • What is the E-Gift Card?
    A single use digital gift card for entrance to the Main Safari at Ross & Friends.
  • Can the E-Gift Card be exchanged for cash?
    No, the E-Gift Card can't be exchanged for cash or any other form of monetary compensation. It can only be redeemed for the Main Safari PAYG 1 Hour service.
  • How does the E-Gift Card work?
    When you purchase one, your recipient will receive a digital code via email. The recipient can then apply this code during checkout when booking the Main Safari PAYG 1 Hour service.
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Rossway Park Estate is a family run 1000 acre country estate located on the outskirts of Berkhamsted with a history dating back to the 17th century. The Estate has a number of vibrant businesses under its portfolio including events, a doggy safari, mushroom farming, self-storage and an alpaca experience. 

The Estate is also a hub of activity for residents and other businesses located in its beautiful surroundings which have been designated as official Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty.

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