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Celebrate Christmas with all your f🐶mily members
16 - 17 Dec 2023 • 23 - 24 Dec 2023

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Visiting without dog? Click here


Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Buy 5 Get 3 Free.
(1 hour sessions)


Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Buy 5 Get 3 Free.

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About Me
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I'm Ross, a white German Shepherd and I live at Rossway Park Estate in Berkhamsted. There's so much space to play and things to explore,  I want to invite more friends to join the fun!

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The largest 'dogs only' park in the UK. Cut out from a 1000 acres designated as an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty, we have over 30 acres (15+ football pitches!) fenced in for your best friend to run free & explore. Natural walking tracks, open grassy spaces, a pond & more!

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A fully enclosed 2+ acre private forest for your pup to explore nose first. An alternative to traditional exercise, sniffing sessions are slower than the average walk & it's about quality, not quantity. Sniff walks are mentally stimulating & enriching as dogs “see” the world through their nose. Sniffing also increases their respiration rate, so it's a tiring activity as well!

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Within the Safari is a 3 acre fully enclosed field with added enrichments. It's a safe & stress-free environment for your dog to roam & play, all located within the expansive beauty of the Safari.


A fully enclosed 2+ acre private forest getaway. With its own doggy pond, a sandpit, enrichments & rest area - it's ideal for both  50min exercise sessions or for pup socials with friends, or longer stays using it as a base to explore all the doggy activities & pup friendly pubs in the area.

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Our first trip with our nervous mini-dach and we’ll definitely be back! She absolutely loved it. It’s great to see such an original idea and concept done so well, and it looks like this is just the start of lots of exciting doggy based adventure ideas too. Brilliant!


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Absolutely amazing area to let your dogs run free.  My dog has very limited recall and a strong hunting instinct and it's just perfect at the field.  It's totally secure and very well maintained.  My walks are now stress free :)


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Fantastic place to off lead your dogs with much needed peace of mind. We have two huskies who are high-prey and strong willed. Ross & Friends gives them the opportunity to run free in either a huge 30 acres or the smaller private field and woodland. They've also thought of the smaller details like a shower station and tuck shop. Love it!


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Safari: Membership or Pay-As-You-Go
Private Areas: Private Field or Private Sniffari Forest or Private Crate Escape

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Rossway Park Estate is a family run 1000 acre country estate located on the outskirts of Berkhamsted with a history dating back to the 17th century. The Estate has a number of vibrant businesses under its portfolio including events, a doggy safari, mushroom farming, self-storage and an alpaca experience. 

The Estate is also a hub of activity for residents and other businesses located in its beautiful surroundings which have been designated as official Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty.

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